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U.S. vs. U.K.: Instagram Motivations

After the recent Instablogger presentation we gave last week, we wanted to dig further on one of the issues we briefly touched upon. It is the marketing implications of the spread of Instagram worldwide. While it’s extremely popular in the U.S., it’s success is just beginning across the pond.

In comparing the stats of users in the U.S. for those in the U.K., we can see that the gender usage rates are completely opposite, see slide 10 From a marketing perspective, this is important to note, because as we discussed earlier, Instagram campaigns will soon be mainstream. In order for a campaign to be successful, it’s important to consider the brand’s target audience. Not only that, but how does that audience use the Instagram application.

A quick survey done at an Instagram Art Show  in London found that people used Instagram for six key functions: “sharing, documentation, seeing, community, creativity and therapy. People wanted more than anything to exchange images with others throughout the network, find people with whom they had common interests, document the world around them and see provide ‘visual status updates’ to their friends.”

Another survey conducted in the UK doesn’t dispute the results above, but gives a little more detail on why some people use the popular application. 89% of males and 80% of females admitted they use the app to increase their attractiveness.The survey also resulted in some other interesting conclusions. You’ll have to check them out.

While the reasons in the U.S. overlap with some of the main reasons found at the London Art Show survey, based on a few articles, these themes seemed to dominate: self-expression, record memories, boredom, as a hobby, revenge (show ex you are doing great), looking at others pics, for fun, and boosts self-esteem for taking nice pics.

It appears that the uses of Instagram in the U.S. and the U.K. have similarities. Maybe there is a difference in what these people like to take photos of, how/words they hashtag, when they are likely to use it etc. This type of information would be extremely valuable to marketers.

What’s your reason for using the app?