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Power of Instagram

Coachella goes Instagram:

Just to show the sheer reach that Instagram has embodied, they are now being used by celebrities attending specific events. Many celebrities used Instagram to display their outfits at the recent event that ended on April 22nd, Coachella.  The link to their page that contains a listing of the photos can be found by clicking here.

This is starting to allow Instagram to flex their muscles as does Twitter with celebrity feeds. This gives free celebrity advertising for the application and will provide mass media attention to continue to build the brand. This is another aspect of Facebook that was missing previously, other than celebrity pages being able to receive likes. All of the top followed people on Twitter are celebrities, so this same type of following should entail with Instagram.

The celebrity power of Instagram is also shown through the search statistics jump that  occurred when Obama joined as well as the top search results including Justin Bieber instagram. This is a very exciting time for this company.