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Printstagram: A New Business Venture

Organizations such as Brisk, photo-enhancing applications, and Facebook are not the only ones benefitting from the booming popularity of Instagram. A company called Printstagram has taken on a new business venture. If simply viewing your snapshots through the mobile application isn’t satisfying for you, Printstagram has the solution: they will print your Instagram pictures to create long-lasting memories. It is all about making your photographs physical. Their claim as to the purpose of their business: “Instagram just got bought by Facebook. Who knows what’s in store for the future…” Maybe they know something that we don’t, but it seems they are implying your cloud-stored photos might disappear as a result of the recent acquisition. But then again, scaring Instagram users to believe this is probably part of their marketing plan.

Printstagram offers a variety of different products as far as Instagram photo prints. All you have to do is sign in to your Instagram account and the site will download all of your photos – like many of the other applications we know, you just need to allow Instagram to share your information with the website. Once you have signed in you can select which photos you want printed. Product possibilities include: the tinybook (24 of your photos bound together in a, well, tinybook), the minibook (photos printed back to back and bound with a coil), the memory box (a box full of mini-prints of all the photos you’ve ever taken), mini stickers (252 per order), tshirts, and the instagrid poster (featuring anywhere between 50-400 pictures in full poster form). If you are insta-obssessed, Printstagram will help you get the most out of your Instagram works of art.

Printstagram not only allows users to reminisce with a sense of nostalgia by printing their photos and even giving them as gifts, but it provides an opportunity for businesses to strengthen their brands. It enables organizations to boost their brand through a little creativity. Avid Instagram brands such as Nestle and Starbucks can utilize Printstagram to run marketing campaigns that extend beyond the online atmosphere. This could include printing their Instagram photos and passing them out at conferences or even printing brand logos and/or coupons on the back of prints. These companies could even print t-shirts and place their company logo on the back, creating a community of users serving as walking advertisements. For those brands that utilize Instagram to run contests, Printstagram can be used to recognize contest winners, marketing and enabling user-submitted images to reach a wider audience. What other ways can you envision brands utilizing Prinstagram to increase brand engagement and awareness?