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Future of Instagram and what’s currently hot:

So what lies ahead for the future of one of the hottest apps on the planet. Well before we look into where the app is heading, we need to look at part of what makes it so hot right now. And to find that out, look no further than Hotstagram. Well at least if your looking for hot people, you won’t find anything about cars, food, or electronics, but yes, plenty of attractive faces. They have a page for girls and a page for guys. You get to vote for your favorite and check up on the leaderboard to see who has the most votes, and it looks like it updates pretty frequently, about every 2 minutes or so. It automatically defaulted to voting for the girls for my computer, but upon checking out the voting stats the females have about 8 times as many votes as the
guys. Pretty exciting, especially if someone you know is up there, but I’m pretty sure most are professional models, at least the top ranked ones. You can see that the photos that are appearing are those that are tagged with examples of the following: #hotstagram #sexy #girl #girls #shoutouts #instamood #instahub #instago #instagramers #instagramhotgirls #pretty #hot.

So if that is what is hot currently, what is hot for the future. Well, what if people start to get tired of the retro looking photo filters. What if people want something brighter, sharper, or even want to create their own filters. An author for the Atlantic blogged about a photo that uses every Instagram filter. Check it out through this link. Is this part of what we will look for in the future. Is there a great market potential to be combining previous filters, or like we said before, really customizing the filter so that it fits your exact needs. I wouldn’t doubt it, and if it is not Instagram to move first on the app front, it would be expected to see apps moving in this direction as this type of move would really energize users.

What do you think the future of Instagram will be? What do you think the future of photo sharing applications are? How will you be involved?


“Hot Doughnuts Now” Sign…Old Idea, New Applications

For our recent mashup presention, we took a closer look at a few apps that are experiencing significant growth. I’d like to further discuss the pairing of Foursquare and Instagram and how marketers can use the two to their brands advantage.

Foursquare is a location-based app, that “gamifies” frequency of visitation of locations (e.g. restaurants, retail stores). Top visitors are rewarded with special titles such as Mayor of XYZ. Additionally, users are rewarded for frequenting a location with special deals.

We’ve talked a lot about what Instagram is. So now, what can we do to exploit each of their competitive advantages?

Foursquare features deals based on a user’s current location. I noticed these deals are usually just text or a stock photo. Wouldn’t it be great if the photo were taken with Instagram within minutes of you passing a location? Remember the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign that Krispy Kreme used to draw us to their hot, fresh mouth-watering treats? Instagram and Foursquare can pull off the same type of promotion. For example, if I worked at a bar and just made an apple martini, I would take a picture and post in on Foursquare with a special 2 for 1 offer that is good for the next two hours. At that point, I would serve the drink to the customer. Those just checking-in to the bar would then see the special, the great picture of the drink, and naturally order one too. Yes, you can post a pic and deal to Twitter or Facebook, but the people that really care are the ones at your doorstep. These people are already looking for your product, they understandably want a deal, and the value of these applications together is tremendous.

You can already post pics to Foursquare. True, but the posting has typically been from the consumer perspective. What about the business side? Shouldn’t quick-response marketing be mainstream? Instagram is the perfect photo sharing app for this mashup because it doesn’t require tons of energy to edit, no special lighting, and only a smartphone as equipment. Expert quality photos are at the push of a button.

Would this be too much trouble for a business? Do you think it would have the return commensurate with the investment?