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Food, Fashion, and the Famous!

Let’s talk about some of the most popular Instagram account themes: the 3 F’s.

Let’s start with FOOD.

How many of you have posted pictures of something that you were either about to eat or something you were in the middle of eating? Ever heard the joke: “I order my food based on what will look good on Instagram”? (someeecards) There are many Instagram accounts that only post pictures of food. Many of these images are tagged #foodporn for the visual satisfaction that they invoke.

A Life Worth Eating: Have you ever viewed the “A Life Worth Eating” blog by Adam Goldberg? Goldberg loves to share his passion for food as he travels around the world. To add to his fame, he has created an Instagram account to match, providing pictures of delicious food from around the world. And of course, with the Instagram filter effects, all the food looks mouth-watering. Not only does this account show food, but it also shows the people and places from his travels – it is an explosion of culture! With over 56K followers, Goldberg isn’t doing so bad.

Food Drunk: There is also a number of chefs using Instagram to show off their creations, as well as their favorites they encounter across the world. One user, whose account is called “Food Drunk,” is not quite as popular as Adam Goldberg, but matches up in terms of uploading images that can make anybody hungry.

To see a list of the top 10 “Foodie” Accounts, click here.

Let’s move on to the FASHION.

For all you males out there, I apologize in advance for this segment, but remember I just wrote about food. For all the females, read away! If you love style, Instagram is a great place to learn about upcoming fashion trends and get exclusive looks at many upcoming designer items. We’ve briefly mentioned the existence of brands such as Burberry on Instagram, but the presence of fashion extends far into the abyss.

Take for example Shoe Dazzle, a popular online shoe store, claiming to offer a “behind the scenes” look at the world of Shoe Dazzle through their Instagram account. Shoe Dazzle is a company currently making use of the trend of offering a “personalized” shoe selection to their customers. Shoppers become clients as they make repeat purchases. The company has only posted 20 photos to their account yet have over 2000 followers. The account is full of color, style, and of course…SHOES!

Clothing designers and shoe stores are not the only ones using Instagram to expose their fashion. There are many accounts that exist to serve as “fashion assistants.” These accounts upload images of the latest trends: stylish accessories, celebrity-modeled hairstyles, and the newest beauty products. If you are in need of a little fashion advice, one of the best must-follow accounts is Glitter Guide.

Lastly, let’s talk about the FAMOUS.

If you haven’t heard, Justin Bieber is currently completing a seven-country promo tour. Just this week he flew to Norway and caused mass chaos as a result of hundreds of screaming fans. As a result of the combination of this tour, Justin’s social media interaction, and his overall fame, many are calling Justin Bieber a marketing genius. Known for his frequent tweeting, Justin is now dominating Instagram as the most followed celebrity – currently with 1,896,779 followers. Yes, that’s almost 2 million. His fame is outrageous. Some of his Instagram photos show random landscapes or people, but a majority of them show Justin himself. No wonder there are millions of teenage girls around the world that would do anything to see him, including taking a trip to the emergency room.

Other avid celebrity-instagrammers include Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, and Nicki Minaj. Instagram is the perfect place for these celebrities to post images of the lavish lives that they lead. Along with the food we shouldn’t eat because we care about our health and the fashion we can’t afford, we can envy their private jets, the beach parties, and the champagne.

Along with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is becoming widely used as a social networking tool. Companies and individuals who run blogs are creating profiles on Instagram to continue their interaction with their followers. Brands are stirring up interest in their products through exclusive sneak-peeks. Celebrities are adding another social realm to their existence. The true question to measure your fame should read: “How many Instagram followers do you have?” For me, the number is currently 81 – nothing compared to Justin, but that won’t make me lose any sleep tonight. Find me at @deedee_lynn.


Are You a Diehard Instagrammer?

1. Do you think everything can be art with just the right filter (even a half eaten apple)? 

2. Do words look awkward if there is no #hashtag in front of them?

3. Speaking of hashtags, do you already know all the rules Diana covered in her post?

4. Do you know all the filter names by heart?

5. Who even says Instagram, it’s IG, duh.

6. Are you an iPhone user? How could you have used the app for so long, if it only just came out for Android ?

7. Is your goal for the day to make the Popular page

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, congrats, you are a diehard Instagrammer. So who exactly are your fellow Instagrammers? Well, we took to the streets to find out (more like Yahoo! Answers)! Here’s what we found:

  •  Typically the person is connected to some other type of social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook)
  •  User of  Apple or Android (only platforms available to-date)
  • Celebrities are a draw. Either you follow them or you are one.

These results aren’t surprising, but in reality, with over 40 million users now snapping pics with Instagram, there really is no ‘typical’ Instagrammer. Even with this limited information, marketers can still narrow down their applications of Instagram in their campaign efforts. Celebrities can not only tweet their fav products/paid to endorse products, they can now ‘Instagram them’ to their loyal followers.

There is definitely a culture that emerges as an application gains popularity where people know the do’s and don’ts, the special IG lingo and how to get the most from the application (which filters to use, how to make the popular page). If you are really interested in finding out more about your fellow Instagrammers, check out an Instagram MeetUp.

Have you noticed any common themes among your fellow Instagrammers?