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Are You a Diehard Instagrammer?

1. Do you think everything can be art with just the right filter (even a half eaten apple)? 

2. Do words look awkward if there is no #hashtag in front of them?

3. Speaking of hashtags, do you already know all the rules Diana covered in her post?

4. Do you know all the filter names by heart?

5. Who even says Instagram, it’s IG, duh.

6. Are you an iPhone user? How could you have used the app for so long, if it only just came out for Android ?

7. Is your goal for the day to make the Popular page

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, congrats, you are a diehard Instagrammer. So who exactly are your fellow Instagrammers? Well, we took to the streets to find out (more like Yahoo! Answers)! Here’s what we found:

  •  Typically the person is connected to some other type of social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook)
  •  User of  Apple or Android (only platforms available to-date)
  • Celebrities are a draw. Either you follow them or you are one.

These results aren’t surprising, but in reality, with over 40 million users now snapping pics with Instagram, there really is no ‘typical’ Instagrammer. Even with this limited information, marketers can still narrow down their applications of Instagram in their campaign efforts. Celebrities can not only tweet their fav products/paid to endorse products, they can now ‘Instagram them’ to their loyal followers.

There is definitely a culture that emerges as an application gains popularity where people know the do’s and don’ts, the special IG lingo and how to get the most from the application (which filters to use, how to make the popular page). If you are really interested in finding out more about your fellow Instagrammers, check out an Instagram MeetUp.

Have you noticed any common themes among your fellow Instagrammers?