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Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo!

The Instabloggers presented for the final time today, although we have enjoyed the blogging experience, we are happy to have hit this milestone!

Take a look at our presentation, if you have any questions, as always, we are happy to answer them.


Facebook Camera Vs. Instagram

Well, I have to be honest, I was surprised to see the Facebook Camera application released when looking through camera applications on the iPhone. This is an interesting strategic move for Facebook considering that they just sunk 1 billion into Instagram and are now releasing an application camera that looks to be in direct competition. The timing seems a little backward to me as stated earlier in this blog, why not just compete against Instagram, rather than buy it out and then compete against it. But either way, let’s look at some of the features of Facebook camera and then compare it with Instagram.

First off, check out the application purchasing screen. This has only been out since 5/25 and already has over 800 reviews at almost a full five stars. It looks like the main marketing behind this product is that it is faster. This was a main complaint about uploading a photo to Facebook previously and one that Instagram seemed to address.

Once the application is downloaded it automatically recognized me as Blake Coffin, due to the fact that I already have the Facebook application on my phone and I could just click “Use as Blake Coffin” and I never needed to sign in. The GPS location was turned on and I was instantly connected with every single one of my over 700 facebook friends. The home page loaded quickly with all of my friend’s recent photos and I was able to start rolling.

Taking a picture was very easy, but again, very closely resembled Instagram’s logic and controls. The camera loaded up more quickly than my Iphone camera, but probably not quite as quickly as the Instagram camera. Once the picture is taken, multiple photo filters are available that help to make the picture look professional, including the black and white one that I have chose here:

Although, one cool difference was the ease of cropping the photo from left and right. Not just the square format that Instagram uses. Although when posted to the wall it maintained its original formatting and did not show the crop until the picture was clicked on. The multiple effects were browsed through and I ended up choosing a black and white one for the final product. Beautiful huh?

Ultimately, the application works similarly to the Instagram application but it is currently missing the ability to view your friends photos in a gallery type environment as it only shows the recent status update photos. My guess is that this type of feature will be included in an update but the release was probably rushed due to the recent Facebook IPO and the stock price falling dramatically. It seems to fit with Facebook’s philosophy that it is better done quicker, than done right later.

Upon some additional research the critics are saying that Facebook was working on this application long before discussions to buy Instagram. So again, with it being so similar to Instagram, why spend the billion? Any feedback or ideas would be great to see on here, let   us know what you think?

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The True Instagram Blog

As exciting and cool as our blog is, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the official blog website from Instagram themselves. If you’d like to check it out for yourself click here.  But for a quick start guide and some important features to the official website blog that we thought were pretty cool and worth checking out, all you have to do is read on.

So the one thing that this blog really makes you want to do is go out and start snapping some incredible pictures with the cool effects that Instagram offers. The blog works as an area to display high quality photos from all over the world, famous athletes and celebrities, and has a walk through of multiple ways to get the most out of the application. The pictures are from all over the world and come with four different blog series. The series consists of: tips, photo features, user features and Instagram news. The best series to check out is the tips, especially for those new users that haven’t quite gotten the hang of the program so far. But that’s not all.

The most exciting part of this website to us is what’s called Instameets. This website offers a forum to connect fans of the application and discuss concepts, uses, and cool new ideas. And we’re not just talking about an online forum anymore; it has moved to the physical environment as actual locations and times are established. For an example of a successful Instagram meetup you can click here to see what they did in NY. This was one of the more successful meetups that we saw on the website. Just for fun, we checked out our local area to see if anything like this was happening in the Riverside and Moreno Valley area and there was nothing to that extent occurring. So who knows, maybe in the future you will see an event listing from the Instabloggers ourselves 😉 Would you be interested in attending?

Power of Instagram

Coachella goes Instagram:

Just to show the sheer reach that Instagram has embodied, they are now being used by celebrities attending specific events. Many celebrities used Instagram to display their outfits at the recent event that ended on April 22nd, Coachella.  The link to their page that contains a listing of the photos can be found by clicking here.

This is starting to allow Instagram to flex their muscles as does Twitter with celebrity feeds. This gives free celebrity advertising for the application and will provide mass media attention to continue to build the brand. This is another aspect of Facebook that was missing previously, other than celebrity pages being able to receive likes. All of the top followed people on Twitter are celebrities, so this same type of following should entail with Instagram.

The celebrity power of Instagram is also shown through the search statistics jump that  occurred when Obama joined as well as the top search results including Justin Bieber instagram. This is a very exciting time for this company.