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That’s Brisk Baby!

My first post about Instagram’s marketing potential talked about the Brisk campaign for the 2011 SXSW. As part of my research, I began to “follow” Brisk on Instagram. In any other circumstance I wouldn’t follow the company since I’m not a regular consumer. Long story short, I’ve been following the company since and felt compelled to write this post about how excellent they use Instagram and what they are doing that keeps my attention.

National “Something” Day

Brisk has their content ready for any special day you can think of. National Do Something Nice Day just passed and Brisk gave us a few ideas for a kind deed we could do, e.g. kiss a Brisk, ice a Brisk, hug a Brisk

Movie Quotes

Movie quotes are only fun if you’ve seen the movie. Luckily, when Brisk posted this pic, I knew exactly what movie they were referring to and thought it was absolutely appropriate, and funny.

Weird Facts

Brisk seems to be posting a lot of random facts and riddles lately. I think it’s cool to fill my brain with little tidbits of information that I can use at a cocktail party to avoid an awkward silence.  I now know that Russia has the same surface area as Pluto. I’m saving that one for a science related gathering of sorts. I usually check Instagram, when I’ve already checked Facebook and am still waiting for the doctor to call me or am standing in the checkout line, so I’m grateful to Brisk for giving me something to read.

While I don’t really engage with any of their postings, I do notice they are quite involved. They practically reply to anyone that responds to their posts. The tone is always light-hearted and clever. While my experience with companies utilizing Instagram for marketing purposes, I feel Brisk has done a great job of keeping me interested and associating their brand with humor and kindness.



Instagram Purchase Update

Check out the latest update on Facebook’s purchase of Instagram…The once $1 Billion deal is no longer valued the same since FB stock hasn’t been doing so hot, but $750 million bucks is still a nice chunk of change.

LA Times Article

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Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo!

The Instabloggers presented for the final time today, although we have enjoyed the blogging experience, we are happy to have hit this milestone!

Take a look at our presentation, if you have any questions, as always, we are happy to answer them.

Win a Car with Instagram! European Instagram Contests

It’s great to see how US companies are using Instagram to market their products and services. We wondered if European companies were doing the same, and if so, if their campaigns on Instagram were different. Here are a few examples of how companies in Europe have used Instagram to build brand awareness and further develop customer relationships.

1. Ford Fiesta of Europe , headquartered in Germany

Ford Fiesta of Europe used Instagram in conjunction with Facebook for its #Fiestagram campaign. The rules were easy. Interested participants were asked to register on Facebook and submit a photo related to that week’s challenge, six in all, with the hashtag #Fiestagram. A photo was chosen for each week and given a prize, but the overall winner was awarded a brand-new Ford Fiesta! Sorry, the contest has ended and only EU residents could participate.

Wow, a photo a week for six weeks and you could have won a Ford Fiesta! Amazing.

2. AirFrance, headquartered in France

AirFrance has been using Instagram as a supplement news medium to update passengers on AirFrance news. They recently posted a sneak peek of the airline’s largest airport lounge to date at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Sharing news isn’t the only way AirFrance has used Instagram to connect with customers. They launched #SpotAirFrance, which asked Instagram users to submit “a quirky picture representing Air France (plane, onboard, airport, magazine, advert…)” with the hashtag #SpotAirFrance and @airfranceuk in the caption and finally upload the pic to Twitter. One lucky winner would be granted two tickets to the AirFrance destination of their choice. Sorry again, contest is over.

Those are some pretty easy steps to take toward potentially winning your dream vacation.

3. nH Hotels, headquartered in Spain

The #wakeuppics campaign was initiated first locally in Spain by the nH Hotel Marketing team in 2011. Instagram users were asked to upload pics of things indicative of a fresh, positive attitude to wake up to,  with the hashtag #wakeuppics. Surprisingly, not every pic was of a sunrise. Many were of day to day life, but all were “Instagram artistic”. Within two weeks, the campaign received 600 photos. A temporary display of 30 photos was set up at the NH Palacio de Tepa in Madrid. Instagrammers were continuing to upload photos with #wakeuppics, so the company launched an International campaign. An exhibit will take place in Berlin. There is even a display website for those interested in viewing submissions. nH Hotels is always taking submissions of “wake up” worthy pics.

It appears the campaigns do not stray in terms of participation requirements compared with US firms. One thing about Instagram contests that amazes me is their simplicity. Although there are some restrictions such as geographical location, Instagram contests are too easy to not participate in.

Have you participated in an Instagram contest? Did you #win?

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“Hot Doughnuts Now” Sign…Old Idea, New Applications

For our recent mashup presention, we took a closer look at a few apps that are experiencing significant growth. I’d like to further discuss the pairing of Foursquare and Instagram and how marketers can use the two to their brands advantage.

Foursquare is a location-based app, that “gamifies” frequency of visitation of locations (e.g. restaurants, retail stores). Top visitors are rewarded with special titles such as Mayor of XYZ. Additionally, users are rewarded for frequenting a location with special deals.

We’ve talked a lot about what Instagram is. So now, what can we do to exploit each of their competitive advantages?

Foursquare features deals based on a user’s current location. I noticed these deals are usually just text or a stock photo. Wouldn’t it be great if the photo were taken with Instagram within minutes of you passing a location? Remember the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign that Krispy Kreme used to draw us to their hot, fresh mouth-watering treats? Instagram and Foursquare can pull off the same type of promotion. For example, if I worked at a bar and just made an apple martini, I would take a picture and post in on Foursquare with a special 2 for 1 offer that is good for the next two hours. At that point, I would serve the drink to the customer. Those just checking-in to the bar would then see the special, the great picture of the drink, and naturally order one too. Yes, you can post a pic and deal to Twitter or Facebook, but the people that really care are the ones at your doorstep. These people are already looking for your product, they understandably want a deal, and the value of these applications together is tremendous.

You can already post pics to Foursquare. True, but the posting has typically been from the consumer perspective. What about the business side? Shouldn’t quick-response marketing be mainstream? Instagram is the perfect photo sharing app for this mashup because it doesn’t require tons of energy to edit, no special lighting, and only a smartphone as equipment. Expert quality photos are at the push of a button.

Would this be too much trouble for a business? Do you think it would have the return commensurate with the investment?

Mix & Match!

Thanks to our Mix & Match groupmates for a wonderful presentation today! Click on the pic for the presentation and be sure to check out our friends’ blogs, The 4 Square Blog and Pinteresting.

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FTC Investigates Facebook-Instagram Deal

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram made headlines due to Instagram’s $1 billion price tag.  Well the deal is not yet complete and the FTC has launched an investigation into the acquisition, seeking information from Google Inc. and Twitter. While the details are still unclear, it could be the FTC just following protocol, as they usually launch investigations of significant deals. There is no doubt this deal is significant.

Do you think the investigation is just routine?