That’s Brisk Baby!

My first post about Instagram’s marketing potential talked about the Brisk campaign for the 2011 SXSW. As part of my research, I began to “follow” Brisk on Instagram. In any other circumstance I wouldn’t follow the company since I’m not a regular consumer. Long story short, I’ve been following the company since and felt compelled to write this post about how excellent they use Instagram and what they are doing that keeps my attention.

National “Something” Day

Brisk has their content ready for any special day you can think of. National Do Something Nice Day just passed and Brisk gave us a few ideas for a kind deed we could do, e.g. kiss a Brisk, ice a Brisk, hug a Brisk

Movie Quotes

Movie quotes are only fun if you’ve seen the movie. Luckily, when Brisk posted this pic, I knew exactly what movie they were referring to and thought it was absolutely appropriate, and funny.

Weird Facts

Brisk seems to be posting a lot of random facts and riddles lately. I think it’s cool to fill my brain with little tidbits of information that I can use at a cocktail party to avoid an awkward silence.  I now know that Russia has the same surface area as Pluto. I’m saving that one for a science related gathering of sorts. I usually check Instagram, when I’ve already checked Facebook and am still waiting for the doctor to call me or am standing in the checkout line, so I’m grateful to Brisk for giving me something to read.

While I don’t really engage with any of their postings, I do notice they are quite involved. They practically reply to anyone that responds to their posts. The tone is always light-hearted and clever. While my experience with companies utilizing Instagram for marketing purposes, I feel Brisk has done a great job of keeping me interested and associating their brand with humor and kindness.



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